Partners and Supporters

Association Chrysalide

Association Chrysalide is our main local partner in Algiers. Association Chrysalide is a non-profit organisation based in Algiers. Since its inception in 2000, the organisation is dedicated to supporting, promoting and disseminating diversity in the arts in Algeria…. Read More

Villa Romana

We partnered with Villa Romana for algerian artists Sofiane Zouggar residency in Florence (February-March 2013) and Atef Berrendjem’s ‘Pas de deux’ residency in Florence with curator Nora Razian (August 2013). Villa Romana is a place of contemporary artistic… Read More

ArtSchool Palestine

ArtSchool Palestine was our partner in 2012 for the residency of a visual artist from Gaza. ArtSchool Palestine is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005, by a group of art professionals, curators and artists based in Palestine and… Read More

How to support us

You can support aria in a number of ways, either with a one-off donation, a regular giving scheme or simply by spreading the word and linking to our pages and posts. Your support will enable aria to operate independently… Read More


aria received the supported of:                 aria received individual support from: Catherine Petitgas, AAron Cezar from The Delfina Foundation, Mourad Mazouz aka Momo, Selma Feriani from Selma Feriani Gallery, Sarah Martin and Pete Ayrton, galerie kamel… Read More