Nicene Kossentini


Nicène Kossentini was born in Sfax and presently lives and works in Tunis (Tunisia). She graduated from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Tunis and the Université Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, she also attended courses and training at the Studio National des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy and at Ecole de l’Image Les Gobelins in France. She is currently Assistant Professor of Experimental Cinema at University of Tunis.


She is a photographer and filmmaker. Mindful of her heritage and her past, Nicene Kossentini seeks to uncover the lost relationship and buried truths of her culture and origins. She thus addresses concerns of Tunisian society who must negotiate with a memory that tends to congeal, to level off and become lost. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Tunisia, Europe and Africa.


Residency Project

My name literally means “from Constantine”, the Algerian town. I unfortunately don’t hold any other tangible link than this very remote origin of a name handed down from father to son. But I have always believed that there were other invisible links that bind me to Algeria.

Therefore, during my residency in Algiers in May 2012, I plan to develop a project which questions notions of identity, genealogy and transmission through photographic portraits of anonymous people that I met in Algiers and with whom I will invent imaginary links.


Nicene Kossentini was in residence in Algiers in May-June 2012.