L’atelier de l’observatoire

To respond to the local need for new production structures in Morocco, Mohamed Fariji created L’atelier de l’observatoire in 2011 (www.atelierobservatoire.com), located in a rural area near Casablanca.

L’atelier de l’observatoire fosters relations between artists, researchers and the general public, nationally and internationally, in close partnership with social actors and local communities.

It works at the crossroads of heritage, contemporary art and environmental issues, producing and presenting exhibitions, workshops, training programs, artworks by emerging artists, publications and research projects.

L’Atelier de l’Observatoire is a fully-equipped on-site studio space dedicated to the creation of artworks by young artists.


L’atelier de l’observatoire is in residency in Algiers in January-February 2016