space, breath, time. Joe Namy in conversation with Salah Badis

Joe Namy, space, breath, time (2015). Installation/Performance


aria (artist residency in algiers) in collaboration with Atelier N.A.S is pleased to invite you on 6th December to a conversation and listening session with aria artist-in-residence Joe Namy and Algiers-based writer and translator Salah Badis.

The event will take place at Atelier N.A.S, a historic house of the Casbah of Algiers, from 8pm on Thursday 6th December 2018.

Address: 3, rue Caton – Casbah d’Alger

Event is free but space is limited. Please reserve at

Joe Namy is an artist, educator, and composer based between London and Beirut. He often works collaboratively, creating artworks that integrate music, video, performance, photography, installation, and radio. His practice centers primarily on identity, memory, power, and technology in music and organized sound, such as the politics and gender dynamics of bass, the color and tones of militarization, the migration patterns of instruments and songs, the complexities of translation from language to language, from drum to dance, from score to sound. He teaches at the Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace in Beirut and has been programming radio since 2009 as Electric Kahr.

Salah BADIS صلاح باديس (poet, translator, journalist; Algeria) is a founding member of Nafha magazine, a journalist and music editor, and a musical and cultural researcher for print and radio. Salah’s first poetry volume,ضجرالبواخر  [Ship Weariness], was published in 2016. He translated two French novels to Arabic. His poems and essays have been translated into English, French, and Turkish. He was a resident at the International Writing Program 2018 at the University of Iowa, US.

Joe Namy’s residency and research in Algeria is partly supported by The Sharjah Art Foundation Production Programme.

In collaboration with Atelier N.A.S