Nicene Kossentini is starting new work in Algiers

Nicene Kossentini is on her last week residency aria. Although it is a process and research orientated programme, we are very pleased Nicene was quickly inspired and already started to work on a new project in Algiers.

More about Nicene Kossentini’s project:

“My surname literally means “from Constantine” (name of an Algerian city). I unfortunately don’t hold any other tangible link [to this city] than this very remote origin of a name handed down from father to son. But I have always believed that there were other invisible links that bind me to Algeria. Therefore, during my residency in Algiers, I plan to develop a project which questions notions of identity, genealogy and transmission through photographic portraits of anonymous people that I met in Algiers and with whom I will invent imaginary links.”

Take a peek at Nicene’s life in Algiers!