Basel El Maqosui

aria partnered with ArtSchool Palestine and UNESCO office Ramallah to host a visual artist working and living in Gaza.

Basel El Maqosui has been selected through a call for application for visual artists based in Gaza and will be in residency in Algiers with aria from 1st October to 31st October 2012.

Basel El Maqosui is a painter, photographer and video artist who lives and works in Gaza. He trained at the Gaza City YMCA Gaza City and attended the summer Academy of Arts of Darat al Funun-Khalid Shoman Foundation (Jordan). Basel participated in a number of local and international solo and group exhibitions, and teaches art at the Jabalya Rehabilitation Center for deaf children. He is a founder and member of Windows from Gaza For Contemporary Art.

Basel El Maqosui was in residence in Algiers in October 2012.