Alfredo Jaar speaks about his residency in Algiers on ARTINFO

Art writer Coline Milliard interviewed Alfredo Jaar few days ago for ARTINFO UK ‘about site-specificity, thinking-versus-making, and his plans for his first stay in Algiers as part of aria’s pilot residency program’.

[…] this trip is just my first exploration of Algiers. We have scheduled encounters with young artists and journalists and I am offering a lecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. I will visit cultural institutions and I hope to listen to Algerian music. And I will get lost in the Kasbah. Normally on these first trips I only try to get a basic sense of the place in order to decide if I may or may not work on a long-term project. In that sense the first moments of discovery are very important as they may content the seeds of a long-term engagement.

Read the full interview here