Series of exhibitions that spotlights artists from the Maghreb on ArteEast Gallery

Since fall 2012, Alya Sebti (Director, Marrakech Biennial) is guest-curating a six-quarter cycle of ArteEast Virtual Gallery that spotlights artists from the Maghreb, and leads up to the 2013 edition of the Marrakech Biennial which asks the question, “Where are we now?”.

Each subsequent gallery will showcase artists who deal with the every day in their work to reveal the conceptual threads and regional connections that underlie the expanding North African art scene. Following Sebti’s focus on Morocco, Wafa Gabsi will address Tunisia, while Zineb Sedira and Yasmina Reggad (aria) will tackle Algeria.

Amina Menia, Chrysanthèmes [Chrysanthemums], 2009-2011

The Spring 2013 Edition of the gallery is guest-curated by Yasmina Reggad for aria and features an essay ‘The Economy of Hope [working title] which discusses works by artists Amina Menia and Mohamed Bourouissa. For this issue of Gallery see here.

Younes Baba-Ali, Ending your life under the sun, 2012

The first in the series featured Younes Baba-Ali and his take on the every day as a platform of resistance curated by Alya Sebti. For this issue of Gallery see here.

Fakhri El Ghezal, from the series Otage, 2007

Guest-curated by Wafa Gabsi, the winter 2013 edition showcased artists who deal with the fragmented history of Tunisia by re-evaluating simple gestures from everyday life that provide a creative alternative and contest the redundant influx of images that arose as a result of the country’s recent revolutionary fervor. For this issue of Gallery see here.